"Probably the biggest and tastiest vegan chocolate bar in the world“

"Probably the biggest and tastiest vegan chocolate bar in the world“

The Vego journey started in Berlin, in 2010. Nik was determined that the vegan scene was still missing really good vegan chocolate, and therefore set out to change it. 

Now without doubt, one of the best vegan chocolate brands that you can get your hands on! Together with chocolatiers from his home away from home, Italy, Nik & co developed the VEGO Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. The VEGO bar quickly grew popular in Germany and then, step by step, in other countries, too.

The fine Italian hazelnut paste, cocoa butter, and whole hazelnuts make for a simultaneously soft yet crunchy, melt in the mouth experience. You just have to try it. The giant bar (150g) is especially great for sharing, whilst the mini bar is the perfect snack size.


Vegan, Organic, Fairtrade, Innovative & Highest Quality

VEGO is a vegan company, so all their products are, and always wilvegol be, vegan. At VEGO, vegan does not only mean bringing an end to animal cruelty but also, producing in an environmentally conscious manner.

All VEGO products are Fairtrade* certified. It is of utmost importance that their products are manufactured under fair conditions, and free from child labour.

VEGO products are made without compromise, with natural ingredients of the highest organic** quality.



  • NOURISH AWARD Australia (best vegan chocolate)


  • VIVA! AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE & INNOVATION (best vegan confectionary product)
  • FREE FROM SILVER AWARD (best confectionary product)
  • VIVA! AWARD (Best new vegan chocolate product)


  • FREE FROM AWARD Germany (best confectionary product)
  • VEGAN FOOD UK AWARD (best vegan chocolate)
  • VEGFEST UK AWARD (best vegan chocolate)


  • VEGAN AWARD UK (best vegan chocolate)


  • WINNER POLL 2015 / BE (best vegan chocolate)
  • UK VEGAN AWARDS (best vegan chocolate)


  • VIVA! AWARD (best new vegan food product / confectionery)

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January 31, 2021 — Nourish Stores