Discover what new products have launched in store this week 1/3/21

Discover what new products have launched in store this week 1/3/21

1. Rude Health Crunchy Almond Granola - £3.99

A crunchy, high fibre, plant-based granola to kickstart your day. Includes roasted Mediterranean almonds.


2. Love Raw Cream Filled Wafer Choc Bars - £1.69

Wow, these are so good. Taste on par with Kinder Bueno, but vegan! You won't believe it until you try it. Made with a layer of fluffy hazelnut cream that hits all the spots.

3. Love Raw Salted Caramel Choc Bar - £1.49

Again, vegan salted caramel chocolate bar from Love Raw. You won't be disappointed. We love their mission: 'to continue making legendary kick ass vegan chocolate whilst maintaining our honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots. Remove the stigma and prove that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent which smash your taste buds.'

4. Viridian Cranberry Mannose pH 50g - £26.70

An excellent supplement for those who suffer regular bladder infections, UTIs and cystitis. D-Mannose is now recommended by Public Health England and N.I.C.E (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) in their Self Care guidance for UTI's. 

Helps to reduce harmful bacteria and give a boost to the overall good health of your bladder and urinary tract.



Send us a note or chat to us in store about supplements, and what can work best for you. We can also link to our nutritionist for further advice :)


5. Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Melts - £5.25

We first used these on Pancake Day! And haven't been able to get enough since! The large button-sized melts double up for baking, or for hot chocolate - straight into the mug.

March 09, 2021 — Nourish Stores