Discover what new products have launched in store this week 15/2/21

Discover what new products have launched in store this week 15/2/21

1. Viridian High Potency Curcumin 90 caps - £51.50 

The big brother of the High Potency Curcumin 30 caps. For literally thousands of years the beautiful yellow rhizomes of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) have been prized as a natural remedy for arthritis and it has been shown to work very well in modern studies.

In one such investigation in people with knee osteoarthritis a high potency turmeric extract (1,500 mg daily, providing around 85% cucuminoids) was as effective as 1,200 mg of a common pain reliever, but had less gastric side-effects.

In the following blog, Viridian outline some of the key points to consider, including the relationship between turmeric and curcumin.

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2. Peppersmith Peppermint Mints Sugar Free - £1.59

Find out exactly why Peppersmith mints are different by taking a look at their page. Made from 100% plant based Xylitol which helps to keep teeth healthy.

Peppersmith sugar free

It's a no bs, sugar free, low calorie, low GI mint.


3. Love Raw Peanut Butter Filled Choc Bar - £1.49

Peanut butter fans and vegans will love this product. It's a taste you won't forget easily; smooth, creamy vegan milk chocolate filled with a nutty peanut butter centre that will leave you wanting more.

These guys have been on an amazing journey, having even rejected offers on Dragon's Den!

Our Vegan Butter Cups and milk choc bars are UK Made  Our nut butter cups are vegan friendly vegan butter cups and milk choc bars contain no palm oil No artificial nonsense


4. Faith in Nature Coconut Shea Hair Mask - £6.99

The Coconut & Shea hydrating hair mask from Faith in Nature for normal to dry hair. Organic coconut oil and nourishing shea butter are known for their restorative qualities. Used as a treatment after shampooing.

Get a deeper insight into this product, including its qualities, instructions for use and ingredients at Faith in Nature.


February 17, 2021 — Nourish Stores