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Mission’s blends are crafted to provide long-lasting, sustainable energy without caffeine-crashes to positively impact your health and the planet. Sugar-free, natural ingredients, plastic-free teabags and handcrafted in the UK.

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Q&A on Mission

Who is Mission?

Mission was founded by Tom, who left his job in law in 2016 to cycle the length of South America for charity. Whilst completing this challenge he found that coffee and energy drinks were creating a vicious cycle of energy crashes and poor sleep, and in doing so leaving him needing more caffeine.

He discovered Yerba Mate and other herbal teas, which provided him with a slower and more sustainable release of energy leaving him feeling energised and mentally sharp at the end of the day.

Herein lay the idea for Mission, once back in the UK he came together with nutritionists and master blenders to create a range of performance teas.

Are Mission teabags plastic-free?

Yes, their teabags are plastic-free and made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch.