Aqua Oleum Lavender Water - Spray 100ml

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100% pure & natural alcohol-free flower water with a classic floral fragrance. A refreshing & fragrant floral aqua spray for face & body.

A safe & gentle uplifting facial tonic. Can be used as a toner in the daily skin routine. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive/blemished or acne-prone skin types. Healing & cleansing. Great to sooth stress & anxiety. A cooling spritz for after s.

100% pure & natural, this floral water can be applied directly to the skin, used as a hydrosol spray, or as a light & fragrant air freshener.
Tips: An excellent way to freshen up naturally in dry conditions, hot weather & centrally heated rooms. It can also be used to clean minor cuts and grazes. Spray on the pillow before bed to encourage a restful sleep.