Moo Free White Choccy Eggs

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These vegan Easter mini egg treats are the perfect dairy free, vegan alternative for children (or adults of course). Great for Easter egg hunts, or a mini Easter surprise for your kids to share with friends, or even eye catching edible dairy free decorations and toppings for your Easter cake when home baking. They are also gluten free and soya free.

Moo Free have moulded their delicious white Rainforest Alliance/UTZ dairy free and vegan chocolate into mini eggs and popped them in a bag. These mini eggs are perfect for Easter egg hunts. Either hide the entire bag or wrap them in some foil to hide the eggs individually from those dairy dodging little hands. Let the free-from Easter egg hunt begin!

Moo Free's dairy dodging little eggs are made using their dairy free and vegan UTZ/Rainforest alliance chocolate, which means that by purchasing these mini eggs you are also helping to protect the planet.

Each bag of dairy free white chocolate mini eggs is made in their UK factories that do not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten or soya based products. So, as well as being dairy free, these mini eggs are also gluten-free, soya-free and 100% vegan.

At Moo Free, the factories send 0% waste to landfill and all packaging is recyclable. The wonderful Moo Free Team includes several amazing people with autism.


Sugar, Cocoa Butter [36%], Rice Flour, Flavouring (vanilla), Emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).