Origin Los Altos Decaf Ground 250g


This coffee is decaffeinated using the all-natural carbonated water method. It‚ is submerged in warm pressurised water to open up the bean before carbon molecules are added, which bind with the caffeine. This incredible process doesn't draw out any carbohydrates or proteins which are what give the coffee its flavour. The water and carbon are then removed and the coffee dried. The by-products are then recycled. This all takes place at CR3 in Germany.

This coffee was grown in Santa Maria. The small town is known for its beautiful views of the Magdalena valley. Coffee is the main economic activity in the region and for this reason, there is a statue of two coffee beans in the central park and annually, the town hosts the Speciality Coffee Fair of Santa Maria.

Origin selected this coffee due to its seasonality and sweet, chocolatey tasting notes. It‚ is purposely very different from their previous decaf offering, which had a brighter acidity.