Rude Health Chickpea Lentil Crackers


Listen. Not only for hippies, man.

Woodstock. Round sunglasses. Lentils. Hippie culture brought some magnificent things. Rude Health lightened lentils up by moving them with chickpeas and corn, making a satisfying and snappy cracker. You don’t have to eat them naked while dancing to a 5-hour prog rock concert album, but if you’d like to, we say, do what you feel, man.

    • Pita Substitute: make a triple chickpea delight by scooping hummus and topping with some falafel.
    • My big Greek snackwich: top with feta and pomegranite for sweet, sharp Mediterranean bite.
    • Baba ganoush blowout: for the full 70's hippie cafe experience. Peace.

Corn, Chickpeas & Lentils (20%) Green Peas, Sea Salt*

*approved non organic ingredient

For allergens, see ingredients in bold. Made in a facility that handles soya.