Rude Health Puffed Brown Rice


Silent but lovely: why Real Puffed Rice is different. Real puffed rice doesn’t make a sound when you pour milk on it. Most puffed rice is pulped, reconstituted, fortified, sugar-coated and flash-fried. No wonder it explodes on contact with liquid. Rude Health only use wholegrain brown rice from Italy’s Po Valley. They compress it,  pause for a moment, then release the pressure… and foop! It turns into tasty little bubbles of fun, with all the crunch and flavour you could possibly need. If you want a tasty breakfast, we’re always happy to help. If you want a noisy one, turn up the radio.

    • Make Indian Borugulu, a delicious spicy street food.
    • To colour things up, add some berries and watch them bob around like balloons in the sky.
    • Puffed Brown Rice and Brown Rice Drink are a perfect Zen combination for a minimalist morning.

100% Whole Brown Rice