Woobamboo Kids Toothbrush


Every parent has a nickname for their little one. Boo, Pun’kin, Peanut, Stinky… you know, names that children love being called because it’s endearing and lasts a lifetime! WooBamboo is no different. “Sprouts” is the baby of the bunch and it’s the name they’ve given the wee brush in the little family. 

Eco Toothbrushes for Toddlers & Kids

Here’s something cool, though – it fits perfectly in a kid’s hand AND an adult hand, too! It was created this way by one of the world’s best dads (he’s got the mug and everything). So it can be used by Mum and Dad on freshly teethed babies, and can also be handed off to toddlers who are learning to change the world “like a big kid”.