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Rheal Superfoods Gut Feel 150g

Rheal Superfoods Gut Feel 150g

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Gut-loving prebiotic superfoods drink to keep your gut healthy and feeling its best.
  • Gut loving superfoods - Apple, Barley Grass, Ginger & Actazin® Kiwi Fruit
  • Actively supports the gut with 600mg Actazin Kiwi fruit per serving, clinically proven to support better digestion
  • Organic ingredients only and certified Organic by OF&G
  • Gluten-free and coeliac safe, with only gluten free ingredients & third party testing
  • Easy to enjoy, simply add Gut Feel to water, fresh juice & healthy snacks - tastes naturally sweet with a subtle kick of Ginger
  • 30 servings to support you every day, all month long


Organic Actazin Kiwi Fruit, Baobab Apple, Barley Grass, Ginger.

Directions for use:

  • Add 5g/1tsp serving to a glass of cold water and mix well for a gut-loving juice. We recommend to enjoy before meals, to ensure maximum absorption. 

  • Blend your 5g/1tsp serving with frozen banana, frozen pineapple, mango & apple juice for a gut-loving smoothie.

  • Add your 5g/1tsp serving to a delicious yoghurt bowl for a breakfast that’s gentle on the tummy too.

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