Our focus

At Nourish Stores our mission is to enhance the health and vitality of every customer. We believe in supporting and improving wellbeing through the best quality products and expert advice to establish a strong foundation for everyday healthy living and sustained vitality. 

The community

Our “Nourisher” community is aged from 0-100+; from seasoned wellness advocates to those just starting out on their health journey, from grandparents to world class athletes. We're here to support the health and everyday performance of every single one of them, providing a supportive space where everyone can find inspiration, guidance, and quality products to enhance their individual paths to vitality.

The refounders

Nourish is a family business led by Sian and Rich. Rooted in their extensive backgrounds in the health, fitness, and sports industries, they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, passion and an unwavering enthusiasm for health and wellbeing.

Sian, a BANT registered nutritional therapist, brings a professional and personalised touch to the Nourish services. Rich, with his experience in building and leading a world-leading sport and fitness brand is dedicated to a customer journey that is second to none. Together they are committed to providing not just products but a comprehensive approach to nurturing a healthier, more vibrant life.

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We are proudly based in Braunton, North Devon where you can enjoy shopping in-store as well as online.

Find out more here about our in-store products including our home and body care refill station, zero-waste organic wholefoods, vegan and gluten-free alternatives, natural body care and home products, and a carefully selected range of supplements.

We're open Monday to Saturday between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

01271 812006

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