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Discover this premium range of mushroom powders, blends, teas and coffees from DIRTEA to boost your wellness.

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Who is DIRTEA?

Established in 2016 by brothers Simon and Andrew, DIRTEA was born from their transformative experience with daily functional mushroom consumption.

Their premium mushroom extract powders, sourced from 100% organic fruiting bodies, boast potent bioactive compounds and immune-boosting beta-glucans. From immunity-boosting Chaga to stress-relieving Reishi and energy-enhancing Cordyceps, DIRTEA caters to diverse needs.

What is DIRTEA?

DIRTEA is a range of premium mushroom extracts in the form of powder. Versatile in its use, their products can be enjoyed as tea or coffee, blended into smoothies, or paired with natural sweeteners and non-dairy milk.

Which is the best DIRTEA for me?

The mushrooms have different properties, which can help to support a variety of wellness needs. DIRTEA's fantastic product range offers something for everyone:

  • LION'S MANE - Boost focus, mental energy, brain function, and aid digestion with DIRTEA's Lion’s Mane powder.
  • CHAGA - Enjoy sustained energy without caffeine crashes and boost immune function with their Chaga powder.
  • REISHI - Calm the body and mind, and promote deep sleep with Reishi powder.
  • CORDYCEPS - Boost your performance and workout with Cordyceps powder.
  • TREMELLA - Promote natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production with their Tremella powder.
  • MATCHA - Elevate mood and protect the skin from free radicals with DIRTEA's Matcha blend.
  • COFFEE - Improve focus and revel in all-day-long energy without jitters with DIRTEA Coffee blend.
  • CACAO - Enjoy a delicious and healthy cacao to aid focus, promote calm and nourish the skin with DIRTEA's Cacao blend.

What does DIRTEA taste like?

In DIRTEA's product range every powder boasts its own unique flavour. Here's our guide to the different tastes:

  • LION'S MANE is light in colour and has a savoury taste with a hint of bitterness, similar to miso.
  • CHAGA is dark in colour and has quite an earthy taste, similar to that of coffee.
  • REISHI has a very bitter taste, it is good mixed with cacao or hot chocolate.
  • CORDYCEPS has an earthy, slightly nutty tastes.
  • TREMELLA has a smooth flavour that's subtly sweet.

When is the best time to drink DIRTEA?

Enjoying DIRTEA is flexible and straightforward. With the exception of DIRTEA Coffee and DIRTEA Matcha, all products are caffeine-free so could be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Incorporating DIRTEA functional mushrooms into your routine is easy – simply mix them into hot water or your preferred drinks, whether it's a smoothie, tea, or coffee.