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Bare Biology Marine Collagen Skinful 300g

Bare Biology Marine Collagen Skinful 300g

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Bare Biology Marine collagen powder is virtually tasteless and mixes without any lumps into drinks and food. It can be popped in black coffee and makes a deliciously creamy latte, smoothie, soup or pancake. At only 19 kcals per serving and pure protein, it’s great for low-carb and keto diets. Each pot of Skinful contains between 30 to 60 x 5g servings. Bare Biology recommends 10g daily for the first month & 5g thereafter.


Hydrolysed collagen peptides (sourced from pure marine codfish skin (Gadus Morhua)).

Directions for use:

1 tablespoon (5g) daily. Suitable for everyone. Can be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding if you've taken it before without any problems.

Store in a cool place with the lid tightly closed. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing.

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