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Fushi Enzyme Face Wash 150ml

Fushi Enzyme Face Wash 150ml

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The Biovedic™ Enzyme Face wash is formulated to boost cell renewal and leave your skin glowing and radiant. It is the perfect exfoliator to rejuvenate a tired looking complexion, to boost cell renewal and balance your skin's PH. Formulated with fresh pressed oils and fresh ground herbs to create a nourishing, hydrating and gentle exfoliation for glowing and radiant looking skin.

  • Refreshes and exfoliates leaving the skin glowing and fresh
  • Revitalising Aloe, Sandalwood, Fresh-Ground® Manjistha and exfoliating Bamboo Stems
  • All skin types
  • Suitable for vegans

This refreshing and gentle botanical wash contains revitalising herbs and oils including Rice Bran oil known for its skin brightening and deep-moisturising capability and Vanshlochan stem extract to cleanse and revive the skin, leaving it soft and dewy fresh.

Manjistha is carefully infused in this wonderfully nourishing formula for its skin brightening and cleansing properties. Rose Otto is added to the blend which adds a beautiful sweet, floral scent. Rose is incredibly uplifting, with a calming effect on the skin. Known for its incredible antioxidant and restorative properties Kalahari Melon Seed Oil has also been blended in.

The Fushi Biovedic skincare range is inspired by Ayurvedic principles and combines fresh ground herbs and fresh pressed oils to create nourishing, natural blends to cleanse, revitalise and hydrate.

Directions for use:

Apply on clean and dry skin. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the face wash onto fingertips and your T-zone.

Rub in circular and gentle motions on the face, insisting on the T-zone, before adding a few drops of water and massaging out onto cheeks and the jawline.

Rinse thoroughly. Use once or twice weekly.

Follow with Fushi Radiance Face Cream for a brighter, nourished and hydrated skin.


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